Wired Mustang Consulting provides recruiting and consulting services to staffing companies throughout the U.S.

We help our clients secure top-performing staffing talent. We also help our clients get their teams performing at their highest levels.


The Wired Mustang Consulting team has extensive staffing leadership experience with a track record of success in growing teams, revenues, and profits.

Experienced in helping businesses and top performers achieve success, we are passionate about working with staffing companies to secure and develop staffing professionals that have the skills to take your company to the next level.

We do more than just screen resumes. Our focus is on finding quality candidates for you and your company. We identify and help secure top talent for our clients that they would not find through traditional channels such as job boards.

Through a diversity of techniques, we identify the best talent available. We then use a proven screening and interview process to provide our clients with quality candidates that have a proven track record in the staffing industry.

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